Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ready to travel?

Welcome to our newest blogging venture- A travel blog!
Since our sister moved back up north and we know we will be traveling I-94 a lot, we thought we would start a travel journal of all the places we stop along the way. Here you will find information and reviews on our favorite places to stop, antique stores and cheese shops! Along the way we will also throw in random facts, passing scenery and whatever else strikes our fancy.
We decided to name our blog after the nickname our brother gave it, "The Cheese Road". It seems you can't go more then ten miles with out another giant billboard advertising CHEESE. We will try and stop at the them all and let you know how they rate. First stop, the three cheese stores practically in our back yard! Yep, that is right, our hometown boasts three along the highway. (Just in case you didn't know you had passed the state line!)